1 1/2 lb. Gift Box

1 1/2 lb. Gift Box

What could be sweeter than three of your favorite flavors? Well, you might just want to double up on one flavor or go for just one flavor. This is your chance to mix and match.

This gift box comes with three, pre-packaged, eight-ounce packages. That means you will need to select a flavor for each of the included packages (Flavor 1, Flavor 2, or Flavor 3).

  1. If you want only one flavor, select that flavor in each of the flavor drop-down options.
  2. If you want two of one flavor and one of another flavor, put the two choices that are the same in Flavor 1 and Flavor 2. Then, put the second flavor in Flavor 3.
  3. Of course, three flavors is easy. Just select a flavor you want in each of the Flavor drop-down selections.


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