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Price: $14.95

  The Cinnamon Glazed10 oz (ca. 378 g). tray offers  of a light cinnamon glazed pecan with only 2g of sugar per oz.   

Price: $14.95

The freshest pecan halves, oven roasted with no added oil.  The flavor is wonderful!

Price: $14.95

Not much of a decision involved here.  We know you like a particular flavor.  Just pick it and, then, decide just how much of that ... more info

Price: $10.95

Pecan Oil is a very healthy oil to use for all your cooking needs from salads to stir frys! Pecan Oil is neutral in flavor and takes on the flavor of ... more info
These pistachios are a home-grown product of Alamagordo, New Mexico. They are harvested, processed, and packaged right on the farm.

Price: $34.95

!2 of the most delicious pecan pralines you'll ever taste make up this 1.5 pound gift tin. You might just want to order two and keep one for ... more info
We take our dry roasted pecans and roll them in pecan oil and sea salt.  They are really tasty!! You can buy 8 oz. or 1 lb. quantities.

Price: $14.95

  The Salted Jalapeño tray is filled with 10 oz. of the roasted salted pecans dusted with a savory Jalapeno pepper salt, which ... more info

Price: $26.95

This is an ideal way to let your friends get acquainted with all our fantastic flavors. All nine flavors can be in this box with a 2 oz. ... more info

Price: $6.00

We've gathered all the delicious flavors and sizes into one page to make your shopping a little easier, just click above. Especialy if you ... more info
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