Our Flavors

Starting with some of the finest Texas pecans available, we produce the most flavorful candied pecans you'll find anywhere. We have 12 uniquely different flavored pecans unlike any in the marketplace. Our manufacturing process involves dry roasting and/or marinating and roasting the pecans first, then hand-dipping them so each pecan is bursting with flavor--enough to satisfy even the most discriminating of tastes. If you're looking for special holiday gifts, corporate gifts, wedding gifts or delicious pecan snacks, you're search is over. We guarantee freshness and satisfaction. We also offer fresh raw pecan halves, raw pecan pieces, chewy pecan pralines, and our Dry Roasted Pecans.

Vanilla Almond--a lightly-coated sugar base which allows the flavor of our dry roasted pecans to come through. It's still our most popular flavor and a delightful treat!

Chocolate Fudge--a special blend of cocoa powder and a rich chocolate coating, again with the flavor of the dry roasted pecans still there.

Cinnamon Toast-- First, we marinate our pecans in cinnamon flavored syrup for a classic taste. Then we roast 'em, giving the nut a unique crispness, finishing the treat with a flavorful cinnamon sugar-base coating. A cinnamon lover's delight.

Hot-N-Spicy--Again, we begin by marinating the pecans in cinnamon syrup (no oils). Then, the roasted pecans are sprinkled with an award winning Cajun spice. This pecan has a nice kick to it with lingering effects, but doesn't hurt you--really!!

Sweet-N-Spicy--This award winning FUN flavor is a cross between our Cinnamon Toast and Hot-N-Spicy pecans. It is best described as having "layers" of flavor. It's sweet at first, then it slowly begins to change flavors ending with a slow burn, but not too much. Truly, a unique culinary experience that amazes your taste buds.

Mocha Madness--These chocolate covered pecans have a delightful coffee flavor hidden under our own special mixture of chocolates. They have more of a dark chocolate flavor.

Orange Twang--This creation has a layered flavor that starts off tasting like a dreamsicle then finishes with a little citrus pop.

Praline--Fashioned after the New Orleans style crumbly pralines these pecans have a brown sugar-molasses coating that is sweet and delicious.

Key Lime--If you like Key Lime Pie you will Love this tangy flavor.

Roasted Salted--This flavor is profoundly unique! We oven roast the fresh pecans, then infuse them with pecan oil before adding sea salt.

Salted Jalapeño--This pecan is oven roasted, infused with virgin pecan oil, and coated with a jalapeño salt that gives it a great flavor with just a touch of heat. 

Cinnamon Glaze-- a sweet marinated pecan with a very light cinnamon coating. There is only 1g of added sugar per ounce.

Mountain Mix--Is an option that has six of our flavors combined together so choosing is not quite as hard. The flavors included are, Vanilla Almond, Chocolate Fudge, Cinnamon Toast, Sweet-N-Spicy. Mocha Madness, and Orange Twang. Since the Mountain Mix is special, it's only available in eight- and 16-ounce packets and tins.



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