Ship to Multiple Addresses

A Little Background

Our website uses a module called MultiShip which allows you to send any combination of items to different addresses. We've also increased the number of shipping addresses you can store in your account. The combination of both of these means that Valentine's, Christmas, and any other mass mailings you need to do can be done in one step on our website. Most sites make you complete an order for each different shipping address. Not only is this time consuming, it can cost you more in taxes and, often, more in shipping costs if their cart is not based on weight. Flat rates can add up in a hurry when you have to apply them to separate orders.

What Should I Do First?

A little pre-planning can go a long way. If you plan to send gifts to your two siblings, five co-workers, or thirty-five customers you had this year; it might be a good idea to get the addresses in the system as soon as you have them. Don't wait till the checkout page to enter all the addresses. If you know them now, take the time to get them in the system. This also is the time to make sure the addresses are current and spelled correctly.

Adding Addresses

First, you will need to go to our site and click on Log In. If you are a New Customer, click on Sign Up. If you're a Returning Customer, enter your e-mail address and password for the site and click on Sign In. If you've forgotten your password, just click on the "Forgot your password?" and follow the directions.

After Log In

Once you have registered/logged in, the Menu at the top of the page should show an option for My Account. Clicking on that will show any previous orders (thanks!) you may have made with us. Next will be a heading of My Account with three options under that heading. The middle option is "View or change entries in my address book." Click on that option to go to the My Personal Address Book page.

My Personal Address Book

Note that there is a maximum of 75 entries for each customer's account.

The first address listed (in the box) is called your primary address. It doesn't have to be your address, but it generally is your address or the address you use the most when sending items. The buttons to the right allow control of the address. You can Edit it if incorrect, or Delete it if no longer used.

Scrolling to the bottom-right of the My Personal Address Book, you'll find the Add Address button. Clicking on this button opens the New Address Book page.

New Address Book Entry

Naturally, the information you enter here needs to be as accurate as possible. We don't need the extra zip code digits as our shipping system will automatically do that for us while it verifies the address. It does help if you do the following:

  • The First Name and Last Name entries should be in Title Case, i.e., Martha Jean Smith versus martha jean smith. All Caps are acceptable as well in both Name blocks.
  • Enter street, city, and state in all caps mode.
  • In the Street Address block, use the USPS Guide for Street Suffix Abbreviations (Alley-ALY, Avenue-AVE, Bend-BND, Bridge-BRG, Bypass-BYP, Court- CT, etc).
  • If you use the Address Line 2 block, use the USPS Guide for Secondary Unit Designators (Apartment-APT, Lot-LOT, Room-RM, Suite-STE, etc).
  • State is entered as the two-digit code for that state (New York-NY, Texas-TX, Wisconsin-WI, etc).

Continue these steps for all your current and projected shipping addresses. This makes the shipping process much smoother in the future.

When you have all the addresses entered, click on the Back button on the lower-left of that page to set the addresses in the database and return to your My Account page.

It's Time to Shop

You've made a decision on the items you want to send to Tom, Dick, and Harry. They're in your shopping cart and you've verified that the Gift Tin for Tom, the Fresh Pecans for Dick, and the Pecan Oil is the right size for Harry. And, you've left cute Gift Messages for each. It's time to go to the shopping cart. You can click on the Checkout menu at the top of the page or the Checkout button at the bottom-right of the shopping cart.

It's Time to Ship

You should now be on the Step 1 of 3 - Delivery Information Page. If you have not registered or signed in, the system will remind you to do so at this time.

NOTE: If you have only one item in your Shopping Cart, the system WILL NOT show the option to ship to more than one address.

First of all, we need to get the correct Billing Address for the payment method (Square CC Processing, PayPal, Check/Money Order) you'll use in Step 2. If your Billing Address needs to be changed, now is the time to do that. Click on the Change Address button and follow the instructions. You can also select from your Address Book if you have previously entered that address. Click Continue when you're done.

With multiple items in your cart (you didn't forget Tom, Dick and Harry did you?), the system will show a box with red lettering that asks if you are shipping to multiple addresses to click * HERE * to identify which products go where.

Clicking on the * HERE * takes you to a listing. In our scenario, it shows the Gift Tin, Fresh Pecans, and Pecan Oil AND all items are set to the primary address. That way, you would only need to change the items NOT going to the primary address.

In our scenario, we would:

  • go to the Gift Tin, look under Send To:, and select Tom's address from the dropdown menu.
  • go to the Fresh Pecans listing and select Dick's address from the dropdown menu.
  • select Harry's address for the Pecan Oil.

Once the addresses are selected and verified, find the All Finished block (it's in red letters), and click on the * HERE * to resume the checkout process.

You should now be back to the Step 1 of 3 page and it's time to select a shipping method. You'll note that we've pre-selected the USPS Priority Mail for you. We find it is the least expensive of all shippers, and our packages are designed to take advantage of their package sizes. That means savings to you.

Special Instructions

Since you left those cute Gift Messages for Tom, Dick, and Harry; You probably won't need any special instructions. However, if you need to make sure Dick's fresh pecans get to him in time to make his famous pecan pie, let us know in the Special Instructions.

Continue to Step 2 of 3

If all the addresses have been checked, you've selected the shipping method, and left the instructions for Dick's pecans; it's time to move on in the checkout process. Click the Continue button to go to the Step 2 of 3 - Payment Information Page.

First off, make sure the Billing Address is correct. Click on Change Address if you need to change it.

We accept three forms of Payment.

  • Credit Card processing through Square - You will find the Postal Code for you Primary/Billing Address pre-filled in this block. Make sure that the Postal Code MATCHES the one on the card you are using.
  • PayPal - You can use it even if you don't have a PayPal account.
  • Check/Money Order
    • Understand that this is the method most used by con-artists to try and cheat the system.
    • We WILL NOT ship ANY item paid for with this method until the payment is completely verified by our bank.

Continue to Step 3 of 3

If you've thought of any other Instructions or Comments, enter them and click on Continue to Step 3 of 3 - Order Confirmation

This page tells you the Billing Address, Payment Method, Delivery/Shipping Information (Should be in RED on MultiShip Orders), Shipping Method, Special Instructions, and the Shopping Cart Contents.

Take the time to make sure that everything above the Shopping Cart Contents is correct and, if not, make the necessary corrections.

In the Shopping Cart Contents, you'll find the items to be purchased. Make sure that Tom's getting his tin, Dick his Pecans, and Harry his Pecan Oil. If Dick lives in Ohio, you'll notice that there is no sales tax for his order. Shipping to non-Texas addresses does not incur TX Sales Tax.

Last thing to do since we've verified all the setting and information is to click on the Confirm Order button on the lower right of the page.

The next page will do what we wish we could do in person. And, that is to Thank You for your business and let you know more information about site options and future purchases. Once "You can taste the difference care makes.®", we know you'll be back for more.

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