Collection: Pecan Oil

Pecan Oil

If you're looking to for the perfect ingredient to add to your kitchen, try our authentic pecan oil. This oil, extracted from the heart of premium gourmet pecans, promises an enriching flavor that is both unique and delightful. Packaged in an elegantly designed bottle, it also serves as a thoughtful gift for your loved ones; pick up some pecan oil for gifting!

Our pecan oil is extracted from fresh Texas pecans. Our supplier is in San Saba, the Pecan Capital of Texas—according to many Texans, anyway! Our gourmet pecans are shelled and then shipped to us by the pallet. Each pecan is painstakingly handpicked in search of the dreaded “bitters,” then dry roasted or marinated. Then, they’re coated one small batch at a time, transforming into the perfect pecan oil for gifting!

Davis Mountains Nut Company's pecan oil is a must-have addition to your kitchen’s arsenal. Why wait? Experience extraordinary flavor with our pecan oil, and let your culinary journey take you to exciting new heights!